Cream Corn Soup

  • FuFann Delicate Margarin:20g
  • Onion:Half piece
  • Oliver Oil:A few
  • Soup-Stock:650g
  • Corn Sauce:60g
  • Corn Kernels:80g
  • Diced ham:60g
  • Milk:200g
  • Black pepper:A few
  • Egg:2piece
  • Corn-starch water:A few
  1. Dice the onion into piece and fry with oliver oil until onion doft. Boiled up the soup-stock and add corn sauce, corn kernels, diced ham, then cook over medium fire for 10 minutes, make the taste integrate into the soup.
  2. Put milk into the soup and mix FuFann delicate margarine well, add egg, black pepper and corn-strach water.