BuQa Custard Paste 160G
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● Description

‧ BuQa Custard Paste
‧ Pure milk powder from New Zealand.
‧ Adorable milky aroma after baking.
‧ A crispy mouthfeel and the golden surface make the taste even more enchanting and delightful.
‧ Glass as a packaging material.
‧ 100% made in Taiwan.
‧ Numerous awards (iTQi, Monde Séléction, and DLG-Prämierte Spitzenqualität) prove the delicious of itself.

● Ingredient

Canola Oil, Milk Powder, Sugar, Lactose, Palm Oil, Cheese Powder, Soybean Lecithin, Myverol, Vanilla, β- Carotene.



● Shelf Life

18 Months

● How to Use

Spread the paste (20g) on your bread first, bake it for 2~3 mins at 180℃ until the bread has a golden and crispy texture, and enjoy the delicacy!

● Storage Methods

‧ Store at room temperature.
‧ Put in a dry and cool place. 
‧ Lid tightly closed after using.
‧ Away from heat to prevent the effects of the taste. 
‧ Don't refrigerate it as it will become harder and difficult to spread.

 ISO22000:2005, HACCP certifications.
 No preservatives, No Cholesterol or TBHQ.
 Vegetarian (Vegan)
 Goes with everything: bakery, topping for toast and bread, stuffing for pastries, sandwich and cookie making.
SGS Test Report
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